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The financial environment today is complex and continuously changing, resulting in various challenges that the personnel of organizations must face to improve the performance of the organization. Companies try to deal with these challenges by adopting various actions, many of them new to the organization.

Process modernization is indispensable for the sustainability of an organization in today’s business environment.  The acquisition of new large equipment and new operational practices represent the ends of a continuous range of solutions that need to be implemented. 

Successful organizations today apply the best resources possible to these solutions. Engineering and Consulting firms outperform their clients in some capital projects tasks due to the higher degree of specialization and greater experience of the personnel providing those services.  These organizations normally concentrate on their own business and allow highly professional service companies to perform non-core activities that are indispensable. These companies continuously improve and learn the state-of-the-art knowledge of the business, working constantly with the people who develop it.

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T.O.A. has experience and a proven record of success in working solutions that range from acquisition of complete production plants to the development of key operational practices. 

Our services in capital projects include:

  • Conceptual studies
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical assistance during project execution
  • Technical assistance during startup and commissioning

Additional services applicable to the operational life of the equipment are:

  • Operational and technical assistance
  • Training at all levels of the plant operation, from corporate induction to task-based training.
  • Development of new practices in operations, maintenance, quality and environmental



The level of engagement with our clients depends on the needs of our clients. Our approach is one of support to the organization.

Our products and services are suitable to work with our clients at various levels of engagement.

T.O.A. differentiates from other companies in that it fully integrates OEM deliverables, client's know-how and resources and T.O.A. products and services into one solution that produces better than expected business results.

Even though T.O.A. provides project engineering services, we focus on the long term success of capital investment and to achieve that, our services are oriented to support world-class operations. Our clients require much more than external consultants solving some specific problems.

T.O.A. ensures that its clients can maintain the high level of operations achieved in our projects by effective knowledge-transfer from our specialist to the plant personnel. Operations and maintenance training are part of our core services to achieve sustainable results.


T.O.A. Level of Engagement With Client

Areas where T.O.A. Specialist Work in an Existing Operation



It is evident to many organizations that employee competence to the expected standard is key to achieve the organization business results.  It is also frequently acknowledged that job-related learning is necessary at all levels of the organization. However, for most organizations it is difficult to develop a training strategy that achieves the required results.

The perceived value of training programs among organizations may vary significantly because of the difficulties to evaluate its business impact. This leads to a wide range of employee training support.  World-class organizations invest more in employee training and they implement training strategies and resources that achieve significantly better results than in other companies.

T.O.A. has developed and implemented training strategies and learning resources successfully to develop competent employees at all levels in the metals industry.

Training is developed and deployed according to a defined plan based on Task Analysis. A break-down of all the skills and knowledge required in all tasks necessary to operate a particular operating unit are defined. Criticality to each is assigned based on the frequency and consequences of problems that may be generated in not performing the task to the standard. A training guide is created for each task with objectives, learning and evaluation resources and other job-related tools.

The training plan serves as a blue-print for the development of the training materials and also for the methodology of training deployment. T.O.A. understands that different training methods are necessary to achieve the best results. Accordingly, we follow a blended approach to learning.  E-Learning, classroom training and on-the-job training are all used at various degrees during a training program. This allows the organization to substantially improve learning, reduce costs and leave a learning legacy.

’s specialists knowledge is packaged in state-of-the-art E-Learning materials. These are used as presentation materials in classroom settings and the paper-based versions of them are used for on-the-job training as well.